10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO in 2021

If you are a blogger it’s really important you understand these digital marketing SEO techniques to improve your blog posts SEO score.

Always remember Every article you write for the audience should absolutely be reader-friendly and should be 100% beneficial for the reader to understand.

But in this article, I’ll show you some effective ways you can improve your articles SEO to your benefit you just need to follow some tips here and there to make sure your blog posts are set friendly. 

Here are some 10 tips and techniques that improve your blog posts SEO ranking – 

  1. Do keyword research here. Type in your keyword (your blog topic) and check what keywords are ranked high. Remember to choose a keyword that gets a high volume of searches but less SEO difficulty score.

2. Once you have chosen a keyword make sure your focused keyword is mentioned in your blog title (h1 tag), blog URL, and 2–4 times in your content. Please try to put the keyword at least once in the h2 header tag in your blog content.

3. Make sure your keyword is mentioned in the title tag and meta description. If you are a WordPress user follow this tutorial here

4. Make sure your article is a minimum of 600 characters with relevant images or infographics in between. You the phrases like I or You in the article also learn about using transition words to make it more google friendly.

5. Don’t forget to mention your focused keyword in alt tags of images this helps to improve your ranking on google search.

6. Mention the external sources (Links) to the article if any google loves to see any outbound links that further verify the authenticity of your article.

7. Don’t forget to mention inbound link (links to the previous articles) if you find any word or sentence which is the previously written link to it this makes google think how detailed your article is. This technique is also called link juice.

8. Share your article on all social media platforms if people are further sharing your blog article (Trend it on social media) this will further increase your SEO score on google.

9. If you have any other relevant High domain authority blog write a similar article there and backlink to this article. You can also approach other bloggers with a guest post that backlinks to your article. Make sure the No-follow attribute is not added to your link.

10. Another easy white hat technique is called “Brian Dean Skyscraper Technique”. Basically, you just have to google your focused keyword and copy the contents from the website whichever comes up first. Make sure you re-write the articles in your own words. The only thing you have to do is write more content and add more images. Read Here.

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