All about Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

When you get right down to it, digital marketing is solely marketing. It’s how today’s businesses have become their message sooner than their best prospects and customers. It is the process of selling or promoting your business services online by holding against marketing strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.

How does Digital Marketing even work?

Digital marketing is no difference than traditional marketing but with digital marketing you approach, get leads and build relationship using digital channels on the Internet.

Digital channel uses some of the following –

Search Engine marketing (SEO): SEO is a organic way to get traffic for your website you don’t have to pay for ads. So investing in hiring expert to do the SEO will result in free diversion of traffic from Google and other search engines.

Social Media Marketing: It is a type of marketing your products and services via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. We need to research on the field to know which would be the right channel for marketing.

Pay Per Click Ads: PPC is the easiest way to promote your products or services and get leads quickly while it’s also a most expensive way. PPC ads can be promoted in Google Adwords, facebook, instagram, linkedIn, Quora, etc.

Bulk Email Marketing: It’s a strategy used for marketing by sending emails to tons of people and getting leads. E-mails can be fetched from your CRM or scraped from the Internet.

Well, there are so many digital channels but above mentioned tops the list of digital marketing strategies.

How can it benefit your Business?

  1. Digital Marketing is quickest way to sell your products or services.
  2. With Digital marketing you can reach wider audience across the world.
  3. Your ads can be customized to specific location by targeting gender, age group etc.
  4. Easy to monitor how well your ads performed how many people did it reach and track your leads.
  5. Digital Marketing is the most economical or cheapest way of marketing.

Do your Business need Digital Marketing?

well that is question only you can answer, if your company is targeting younger audience between age group of 13-55 then this type of marketing is exactly what you want or if you targeted products or services are for older generation then you should consider traditional marketing like newspapers, radio, etc.

Also you should remember this is a digital era and going forward in time the usage of TV, newspapers, radio’s will drastically reduce and usage of smart phones and laptops will increase. So this is a right time to invest in digital marketing so that you stay ahead of your competitors.  Good Luck:)

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