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There are many options for those interested in accessing an affiliate marketing program in Dubai to generate new revenue.

If you have a website and it is your desire to be part of an affiliate program in Dubai; there are several options among which you can evaluate which one fits your desired profit margin.

Affiliate marketing basically consists of promoting other companies’ or organizations’ products and brands or services on your website. Within the process, digital marketing techniques are obviously implicit because this promotion is accompanied by certain specific strategies that will be pre-established by the brand that provides the product.

Although,  it is important to be aware that this will not be just a blink of an eye.  There are some steps to follow and certain conditions to fulfill in order to start producing benefits.

Marketing Affiliate Programs in Dubai

DigiMarCon: Works on the affiliation system for the promotion of services and events. It promises its members a profit of $200 for each referral they make through their particular link. The affiliate only has to spread the word about the event and for each registrant, he obtains punctual profits. Affiliate Programs: You have the support of more than 2,000,000 products to offer among your affiliates. From clothing, home appliances, including health products, from the best brands, such as Samsung, Reebok, Nestle, BOSCH among others. It is the ideal option for those who want to start in the digital marketing, offering the best options among their followers.

JLStore Are considered one of the most solid online stores.

Web site owners will find in JLStore advice and customer support, and planned benefits among their buyers; as well as a return and refund policy that will allow you to promote your products with confidence. More promotion and interaction between potential customers, the greater the profits.

OptimuzIt guarantees qualified advice to companies and service providers by doing a study on the affiliates to guarantee an effective promotion of the products. Linked to the companies and brands, they also develop marketing strategies for the promotion of products: banners, images and catalogs.

Payments for affiliation to digital marketing portals in Dubai If you are just starting out in business, you may not find any recognized brands want to enroll you in their program. However, there are other options, which, despite projecting a lower profit margin, are accessible. One of these options is the midday affiliate program, with a diversified range of quality products, which guarantee the expected profits.

What does this program consist of?

This DCMnetwork program allows its affiliates to earn a commission for each referral to through the codes or links on which the clients have some types of interaction.

There are different types of earnings:

Marketing affiliate earnings are classified into different categories as shown below:

PPC: Profit is achieved for each click that drives traffic to the merchant’s website.

PPP: A predetermined action performed by the customer on the website, such as making purchases for example, will yield a percentage in profits.

PPS: This is the direct payment linked to a direct sale on the product.

PPL: Is a payment that you will receive for each completed form, on registrations to test the product, surveys, among others.

As you may have noticed, affiliate marketing is a referral program, with which each affiliate can make a profit after successfully referring services or products to one or more customers. Today in Dubai and other countries around the world it is considered one of the safest and most efficient ways to generate income online.

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Fomo Marketing

Sell more using the FOMO email marketing strategy

What is FOMO Marketing?

Before we head to FOMO email marketing lets understand what FOMO stands for well FOMO means “fear of missing out”. It is a psychological phenomenon used by digital marketers to create a sense of fear to miss out on amazing deals or offers.

Stay till the end of the article I have an amazing tip to make money using this technique.

What is FOMO email marketing?

fomo marketing example

Email marketing is the strategy used to send emails to amass audiences. It is a great way to promote your products and services to a large audience in a short span of time. So by drafting a perfect FOMO Marketing email we can convert a lot of reach into sales.

Types of FOMO emails

  1. Limited Time promotion

    Make your offer limited to expire after few hours or a day. This will create a sense of urgency and fear with your audience to buy the product or loose the deal forever.

  2. Exclusive Offer

    Make your offer exclusive to him/her in this way people will feel more special since no else can avail the same offer and end up buying your product.

  3. Seasonal/Festive Offer

    Another way to make tons of email sales is by selecting an occasion for selling your product at discounted rate. This makes your audience to such product which only comes once every year. Ex: Valentine day, winter offers, Christmas offers, etc.

  4. Bait by Testimonials

    By taking realistic testimonials from your previous buyers and putting it in your email can help you to drive more sales.

  5. Free Shipping

    Another easy way I would suggest is to greed customers by free shipping on what ever you sell it can be either book or phone it doesn’t matter this will help you to drive more sales.

How to write a FOMO email

Well if you writing a FOMO email you need to prepare a successful FOMO content. My Few tips on how to write FOMO email –

Email Subject

Email subjects are extremely important because your subject lines decide if the user will open the email or not. You need to check on the web to write good FOMO subject lines. I can give you a few tips:
– Include the word “tomorrow” in the subject line because the word “tomorrow” boosted 10% more open rate know more.
– Writing Subject Lines that include important and urgent will generate more clicks.
– Also, try to create scarcity in your subject lines.
– Examples: Only 3 rooms left, Limited quantity remaining, Last day to avail this offer, Hurry 3 hours remaining read this article.
– Consider the word “free” it helps to improve your open rate by 5-10%.
– Make the subject line more personal. It improves your click rate and sales conversion rate by 14% read more.


– Write a personalized email explaining briefly about your product.
– Show part of your content with a good attractive banner image. Make a banner that shows the FOMO headline. Example – Hurry! 3 hours left or This exclusive offer is just for you.
Check the example below –

fomo email sample

Call of Action

– Create an attractive call of action link where people can avail whatever you are trying to sell.
– Call of action can be a button to your external web page or it can also be your phone number.

Exclusive Tip to make quick money for our readers:

Today people are looking for various ways to gain knowledge. Long gone the time when people never used to pay to get any information online. In a survey among adults over 45% preferred agreed reading books in digital formats so this leaves us to an opportunity of almost 50% of the market to sell ebooks.

The idea here is to sell ebooks online via FOMO email marketing techniques that you just learnt.

How to write a ebook?

Well, you don’t have to rather I suggest you hire an ebook writer or also known as ghostwriters from or any other freelancing platforms for low as $25 bucks.

What ebook should I write?

Well it depends on who are your email subscribers and what topics they are interested in. If you have mixed audience then you can select more generic topics like “Learn to loose weight in 7 days” or “Top Secret recipes to make money online”, etc.

How to start email marketing and get paid?

You need a domain name, website, SMTP server and email sending tool sounds complicated? because it so I would suggest you try to Get Response – this tool has amazing bulk emails, ready selling templates, sales funnels, ready selling landing pages, and a lot more its a perfect marketing automation tool. After you register at Get Response Follow this tutorial here.

A lot of people have made a decent amount of money by selling ebooks without even writing. This is just my idea well you can google for more ideas to sell and make money using FOMO marketing. Good Luck 🙂